Many important decisions must be made before an entrepreneur can start a successful business. An entrepreneur must develop a business plan, determine the business structure, obtain financial resources, and explore legal and accounting considerations, just to name a few.

Gathering data from many sources can be important to the success of a business. Advice can be obtained from commonwealth agencies and the private sector.

ico_book.png Helpful Resources Learn more about how to expand and build your business. /StartABusiness/Pages/Handbooks.aspx
ico_link.png Contracting with The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Connect to other websites that can guide you in your mission. /StartABusiness/Pages/Contracting.aspx
ico_link.png PA Can Help PA Can Help /StartABusiness/PACanHelp/Pages/default.aspx
ico_money.png Financing Financing /StartABusiness/Pages/financing.aspx
ico_doc.png Forms Forms /StartABusiness/Pages/default_forms.aspx
ico_people.png Business Development Resources Business Development Resources /StartABusiness/Pages/BusinessDevelopmentResources.aspx
ico_people.png Workforce Development Workforce Development /StartABusiness/Pages/Workforce-Development.aspx
ico_question.png Important State and Federal Telephone Numbers Important State and Federal Telephone Numbers /StartABusiness/Pages/Important-State-and-Federal-Telephone-Numbers.aspx
​ico_people.png Department of Envrionmental Protection Resources ​Department of Envrionmental Protection Resources /StartABusiness/Pages/dep.aspx
​ico_money.png Tax Resources ​Tax Resources /StartABusiness/Pages/taxresources.aspx
​ico_people.png Unemployment Compensation Resources ​Unemployment Compensation Resources /StartABusiness/Pages/unemploymentresources.aspx


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