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The Procedure to Procure a Small Business License in PA

If embarking on small-scale business in Pennsylvania is your magic bullet. It is statutory to procure one or more state licenses, or fulfil more than one kind of state registration to actualise your reverie of a start-up.

Information on Small Business in Pennsylvania

All the required information for that existing small business of yours or the novel one yet to dawn can be checked with the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centres (SBDC). All general information on the genesis, growth, and continuation of business can be observed from the SBDC website.

The other information provided reflects planning, specific industries, loans, and taxes. If you want information specific to particular regions in Pennsylvania, a trusted source is the US Small Business Administration (SBA).

More Than One Business License

Not all business requires a license in Pennsylvania. At the same time, there are businesses that require more than one permit. With this being regulatory, it covers aspects like sales tax, health and safety, and the environment.

However, the most essential licenses can be obtained by filing Form PA-100, Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration. This form includes business licenses and for registering new businesses.

Obtain File Records

Obtain File Records

Apart from the permits, there are certain records to be filed within the state in case of legal forms of business-like corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). These legal companies are required to file organisational documents with the Department of State in Pennsylvania. Further information can be furnished from the Business Registration Forms section on the DOS website.

Procure Professional License

You will require a license by the State of Pennsylvania if you are a member of any of the professions listed under the DOS website. The Professional Licensing section on the DOS website will contain both the contact and general information on the state regulatory board.

Unfurl a Fictitious Business Name

Here they operate under a business name and not merely under the owner’s name. Individual corporations and LLCs might have a registered name and an alternative business name termed as DBA (doing business as) or a fictitious name. If you want to function under a fictitious name, it is pertinent to register with the DOS.

Register a Service Mark

Though there is a plethora of legal definition for trademarks, the exclusive description of service mark identifies goods, services, or business, and this is carried out by differentiating a product, service, or business from potential competitors. They are distinct from federal registration and are registered with the state.


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